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Our Vision for Virtual Assistants


We’re the first in France with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant that can drive transactions and manage the full customer experience through an untapped sales channel: Conversation.
Our complete solution allows you to quickly and easily deploy intelligent virtual assistants (voice and text) designed to drive customer transactions. Accessible via messaging platforms and websites, our virtual assistants can be used on your customers’ smartphones without installation. Our conversational commerce platform allows you to quickly and easily deploy intelligent virtual assistants for any customer transaction, adapted fully to your needs and directly integrated with your current business tools.
Our solution allows you to leverage your existing I.T. investments from your PIM, to your CRM, to your retargeting tools.
Why do we develop virtual assistants and not chatbots?
A virtual assistant differs from a common chatbot by using advanced artificial intelligence for language comprehension (also called NLU) and advanced machine learning algorithms capable, for example, of recommending the best product to each prospect and customer according to their personal context. Our virtual assistants connect to your business tools to customize conversations with each of your customers based on their past data.


Here is the team working to make virtual assistants for business simple for you.

Louis-Clément Schiltz
Louis-Clément Schiltz Fondateur & CEO

Nicolas Ilhe
Nicolas Ilhe Co-Fondateur & CTO

Oualid Barjani
Oualid Barjani Lead Developper

Adrien Bonnet
Adrien Bonnet Chef de projet

Edouard Say
Edouard Say Business Developper

Léopold Lyet
Léopold Lyet Bras droit du CEO

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25 Rue de Constantinople
75008 Paris, FRANCE

E: info@webotit.ai
P: +33 (0) 6 74 79 07 30

Become an Outstanding Startup

Become an Outstanding Startup

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